Vitamix Vs Blendtec® Vs Ninja® Blender-Which One is the Best ?

Blender working on a simple principle with a single rotating blade straight away connected with motor, this simple principle made a huge revolution in the kitchen appliance and provided great assistance to chefs. Instead of using the traditional way of crushing vegetables and mixing, which is much more time consuming, the invention of a blender made the job easier, reduce the time of work involved. Think about the food production factory, restaurants, and other food-related businesses, what would have happened if these appliances were not been invented?vitamix vs blendtec vs ninja

The time taken to deliver would have been more and the stress level would be high for chefs since the order would be waiting and the customer doesn’t like time delay. So, appliances like these created a revolutionary impact on the food business. The stationary blades placed upon the jar are rotated by the motor fixed in the body of the appliance, the power of the motor determines the type of items that can be crushed and mixed.

  • Materials used: Jar Material, Glass, Metal, Plastic
  • Capacity: Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

The power and efficiency of the blender depend upon the brand and the category you buy. Even the low budget blender can even meet your expectations, the only thing is that it should be up to your requirements.

There would be confusing raising when you especially spend more than $100

The type of blenders discussed below are Immersion and single-serve blenders/Personal blenders and its various products also included the specification of full-sized blenders too.

The main things that are to be considered before buying a blender

Wattage – If you require to make smoothies, then choose one with 500 watts. If you wanted to chop, crush hard ingredients then watts requirement may increase. Most of the powerful and efficient blending machine has higher watts maximum of 800 watts. So, it is better to check watts if your requirement requires higher power.

Capacity – If the size of the family is large, then you need to create it in a larger quantity. Hence based on the size of the family, or based on the quantity level requirement, you may choose between single, two serve jars or large-sized jars.

Budget – Based on the prerequisites, one can fix the budget to buy the blenders. It starts at 20$ to 400$ and more. If you wish to go for minimum budget blenders, then single-serve blenders are the best. But it all depends on the end-users need.

Full-size blender

Consider if your family is a larger one, and you need to create it in larger quantity then you need to use full size blender, If you’re comfortable in using hand blender or single-serve blender (because it is cheap) for grinding, mixing the ingredients and you are not up to use full-size blender then you should repeat the grinding process 2 or more times, but that can be tiring and frustrating. Even though they are quite expensive, they are very much useful in grinding any kind of hard ingredients since they are high powered blenders comparing to other types of blenders. This full- size blender takes up to another level where not only the size of the jar is mattered, here we can control the speed of the rotatory blades, which is specifically available only in this type of blender, and not in other blenders. The full-size blender cost above $200, which I find quite expensive

Single-serve blender

The best option if your preference is to make good smoothies. It is also known as personal blender, perfect for people who are living individually, bachelors, since this blender is accompanied by a single jar at the top with blades. This blender can only be used for blending and creating smoothies. The noise level is based on what product we choose. As for the speed level, some of the blenders might have the feature to control the speed and most of them might not have that kind of feature. The chance of spilling from the jar is more since it is upside down. Their efficiency is more and is available at a reasonable price. The capacity of each product of single-serve blender varies, for some the jar size is small and some are compatible for larger jar.

Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender is a smaller and handy version of Blender which is the only difference between normal and immersion blender too. It has a mixing head, in which the motor is at the top connected to the shaft inside which is finally connected to the rotating blades. If we want to mix or grind in a larger bowl, we cannot use a normal electric blender instead we can go for this stick blender, the small stick-like build gives them better access while grinding the items in the bowl. It is also known as a stick blender, hand blender. They are not suitable for vegetable grinding. It can make noise than expected. Can’t handle more ingredients.

 Below is the comparison of some of the best blenders. In this, we are comparing counter blenders. Usually, the most expensive category of all is the countertop blender, comparing to their cost their features are also up to expectations. They are mainly designed for mixing, puree and even chopping. The strength which makes it as expensive is because they have strong and tough blades and the motor is so powerful that it can crush ice and other hard ingredients. The power of the motor can range up to 3500 watts, these blenders are much more capable than doing normal crushing, grinding they are heavy-duty blender which assists restaurant chefs.

The less noise making blender brand of all is Vitamix.

Let’s see about the product brand worthiness

Overall view of Brands


Not only it is capable of making smoothies the features are eye-striking. Let see the glance of the things that the Vitamix offers. The basic eye-catching features are the smart systems, space-saving. If your kitchen is much more crowded but you still try to fit the countertop blender then this Vitamix recommends the best option for you. Starting from design and look to the efficiency this is considered to be one of the best. It is considered as the best blender of 2019. Revealed to be top best after much testing is done in this. It gave a satisfying result of producing good smoothies to the best-frozen margarita and cocktail drinks-making and securing its way to top. The manufacturers made sure to push the limit of bringing the impossible to the blender and enable the unimaginable features like milling corn flour, purring peanuts and almonds.

Premium Series

Considering the Heavy-duty blender tasking, this brand offers Vitamix A2500 Ascent series. It’s a premium series of all collection which passed with flying colors even in the most difficult tests like crushing the ice and milling flour. Its specialty is preparing smooth smoothies and pureeing the soup not only that it serves fresh and hot, with its zero wear and tear signs making it an excellent choice.

But the disadvantage is that it is costlier than another average countertop blender, more expensive than the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro which won the Editor’s Choice Award winner.


If you think that the cost for the premium series is much higher then it is best to go for ninja. Though its ranking is much lesser than the top Hurricane and Vitamix when the testing for making smoothies or frozen drinks. The Ninja offers much less price than others. The cost of Ninja is hundreds of dollars less. Not only that the maintenance is very much less.

But while pureeing nut it struggled a lot. The resultant is always satisfying in this, with fine finish and touch. Unfortunately, heating happens sometimes and needed a small time of the break-in between to cool down, because of this motor can get worn out and soon can demand replacement. Premium series of the blender. Suitable only for easier blending items and smoothies. It also performed quite well and gave expected results for fruits and oat smoothies.


It became more of a rival to top-notch products and Ninja brands as it also gave the resulting more satisfying than expected. Its the job of blending is good when it comes to green smoothies. Its ranges of efficiency became equivalent to Cleanblend Commercial. But the efficiency and the good quality of this blender dropped a little when it came with fruits blending and oat blending, the resultant was not that good giving off some chunks and odd taste of seeds as well. But the blending of oat was good but only thing is that few little remains of the oat stuck on the sides of the jar. It also can warm up the product which might be weird to taste for some smoothies. It might be suitable for the preparation of some ingredients like a puree of soup, nice ice cream, whip cream in which, this Blendtec excels.

 Comparing with capabilities

Ice crushing skill:

The top brands of Ice crushing feature are Vitamix A2500 series, Vitamin Pro 750 and Cuisinart Hurricane Pro are the topmost preferred products. The secured top because when a pitcher of ice cubes was given for crushing as a challenge, they crushed it within 15 seconds and the motor or the blades didn’t show any damage nor the blender struggled to do the job.

The most recommended of the top three is Vitamix A2500 for crushing ice and preparing frozen drinks.

These top three blenders are well at making a margarita and other cocktail drinks and frozen beverages. Much likely restaurants and bars would be much benefitted, because of this blender which provides high-quality products. They managed to create ultra-smooth texture for even frozen beverages, all these are got in within less than two minutes.

Ninja and Blendtec product blenders failed in this, when a pitcher of ice cubes was given for crushing, they manage to crush the hard ice cubes, however, some large pieces were left behind. Even in grinding Ninja and Blendtec sometimes leave some chunks behind. But Ninja has done a great job in blending the ice very well, but the blender failed to create a perfect margarita due to some chunks pieces that were left behind in the drink.

Best Blender for Ice crushing: Vitamix A2500, Vitamix Pro 750, Blendtec Designer, Ninja Chef, Vitamix 5200


This category is listed based on the ease of use, difficulty in washing, checking dishwasher friendly, How fine is the handling of the blender even lid (even that could be annoying if it’s too tight or too loose), pitcher/jar quality of the jar, and also the overall quality built of the blender.

Dishwasher friendly: Ninja Chef, Nutri Ninja, Vitamix, Vitamix A2500

Easy manual Cleaning: Vitamix A2500, Blendtec

Easy handling of lid: Vitamix A2500

Grinding of ingredients:

Grinding is one of the features which is important that should be must in every blender with utmost efficiency. Vitamix Pro 750 secured top with providing satisfying results of powdered sugar, shredded hard cheese.

The quality of the blender in this category is that it should be able to grind any hard ingredients into a finer smooth powered level and there shouldn’t be any granules present in it. On the other hand Blendtec performs well in milling flour and even grinding the sugar, the resultant is more than expected, the powered produced after grinding is very much finer and fluffy powder, but Blendtec is not good when it comes to parmesan cheese, the final results were only a chunks not to the quality expected but worse.

Best grinding blender: Vitamix Pro 750 (Much preferred), Ninja Chef, Vitamix A2500, Vitamix 5200


All the premium series of the blender are much more expensive than regular but they have the advantages but it won’t be suitable for budget-wise. One must check the requirements they want and select what is best. Blenders like Vitamix A2500 and Cuisinart are the top and best blender but they put disappointed when it comes to price costing hundreds of dollars. Ninja Chef which competes for these two premium blenders surpasses them in cost-wise consideration. Ninja chef provides smooth smoothies, pureeing hard ingredients.

Best buy blender: Ninja Chef


How to clean Vitamix?

Just add some dishwasher soap liquid into the jar and fill half of the pitcher with water then secure it with the lid then operate it.

Blendtec or Vitamix which is better?

Blendtec could be preferable if it is cost-wise, but Vitamix tops the Blendtec one step above in all the aspects.

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