Utalent Immersion Blender Review (2022)

Why do we need to go for a stick blender?

In this article we discuss Utalent Immersion Blender review and main advantages over other blenders. Is it really good to buy stick blender instead of using a full-size blender and personal blender which offers maximum features? Well in some cases we use an immersion blender for quick blending, it comes quite handy. Stick blender’s features are extended to that of personal blender bringing chopper, mincer, whisker. The advantages vary with each and every product. Some budget products under $20 don’t come with extra. If you want to upgrade with fully loaded features for a stick blender then your price setting should be like above $25 or $30, to get a full feature equivalent to a personal blender, but still, the handling and everything differs. It is comfortable to hold it in one place and blend and comfortable to use. It the best of the blender category to go for producing perfect smoothies, purees. Some of the product blender’s blade is powerful that it has the capability to grind/crush ice cubes and other hard ingredients.

Utalent immersion blender

This product gives a wide range of prices which varieties of features and extras, available in affordable prices. They offer such good product at a reasonable price, each blender of Utalent have some extras (Whisk, frother, mixing wand). The specifications of this blender remain the same of every product of Utalent immersion, only the extra provided differs.

It has an 8-speed variation gives less noise. The mixing of food is smooth, efficient due to the 4 blade system. They are suitable for making soups, smoothies and baby foods. 250 watts power. One of the best stick blenders.




Powered motor

  • Best features at a good price.
  • The detachable arm makes the cleaning easier.
  • It comes with a mini portable food processor useful for chopping the vegetables.

8-speed blending

Utalent Immersion blender comes with 250 watts power. It makes the food blending/mixing efficient. With 4 blade system helps in blending/grinding the ingredients smooth and evenly comparing to 2 blade system. The speed variations help in making different recipes. With the retractable arm, the cleaning of the blade is easier. Suitable for making soups, smoothies, baby food, protein drink. But large ice cube can’t be crushed.

Its quality built

The steel build with the matt finish of the blender gives off a premium look. To operate the blender, we have to hold the button until it is needed. The other half of the body that is the arm with the blade at the bottom is detachable which we can remove it after use and comes easy with the cleaning. And you can remove the arm then replace it with the extra attachment. It is corded so it can be a bit uncomfortable as the wire can come in its way while handling.


The package comes with 5 in 1, 3 in 1, 2 in 1 the number of extras provided can also vary with prices. So, some thoughts might be, are the extra attachments really needed? Why can’t we just use the blade for everything? These attachments are very much useful for

  • Chopping peppers and onions in the food processor bowl attachment,
  • Milk frother which is directly attached to the motor is more powerful producing restaurant-style coffee, tea can be made.
  • Making cakes, bread other bakery items are easier to make with the help of whisk attachment

Utalent Immersion blender Review-Video


Utalent’s Speciality

Easy to clean

Unlike the personal, full-size blenders, immersion blender’s maintenance is very less due to their size and model. For personal blenders and full-size blender, we have to clean the jar and then the spillage on the motor body, but considering stick blending we only need to clean the base part of it, removing the retractable arm and cleaning it. Simply rinsing it in water is more than enough for cleaning this blender. In Utalent the cleaning is simple just you need to remove the removable arm and rinse with water.

Extra to the given price

The Utalent blender is a perfect combination of blender + food processor. Only in this product extra and features are given at the best price. The 4 blade system makes the grinding and mixing easier, smooth and perfect. If you need to attach the extra you need to simply take out the removable arm from the body and attach the one you need. The unique extra is milk frother in this, with the help of it, you can make a professional coffee, tea in the right consistency. The egg whisk helps in baking.


Minor fatality

Buttons instead of latch

While handling or operating, the blending can be done only if the button is continuously pressed and unfortunately it is not a single press system. It makes it annoying while handling.


Limitation to the use of an area, cordless might have been better because it gives better access, and while blending the ingredients in a bowl the wire can come in its way.

Is it good for the price?

It almost fulfills the expectations that are the same as that of the personal and full-size blender. If you are into baking then this would be suitable for you. Although if you want to buy stick blender and thinking of buying an additional food processor, then this option is going to be a best, it comes with additional attachments for whisking, pureeing, frothing. The Utalent offers a different number of extras with different prices. Comparing most other immersion products, this is the best since it gives a wide range of prices according to our budget. So, budget-wise, feature-wise it is the best of all the immersion blenders. If your budget is between $20 to $40. Since it is BPA free, it is safe to use.


Price: $$, Popular Brand, Top Reviews



There are about 4 to 5 products of Utalent, with two colors white and standard green. The price of this product rising from $20 to $40., it depends on the features and attachments. But the power of the blender and other things remains the same. The product comes with 5 in 1, 3 in1, etc.

Blenders similar to Utalent

Other products which offer like Utalent:

  • Mealthy Immersion Hand Blender:
  • Hand Blender, BAYKA 4-in-1 Smart One-Button Control Immersion Blender:

It comes along with double end whisk, chopper, and storage case jar

  • Nuovoware Ultra-Stick 6-Speed Smart Powerful 2 in 1: Multifunctional blade comes along with a whisk
  • BELLA 14460 Hand Immersion Blender: It’s standard is red in color with a whisk
  • MoMA Immersion Blender – 500-Watt Hand Blender Mixer: It comes along with a whisk and large size jar.
  • ETTG Powerful 4-in-1 Multifunctional Hand Mixer Electric FDA Immersion Blender: It comes along with whisk, jar, chopper.
  • KitchenAid KHB2351OB 3-Speed Hand Blender: In this, the blender comes with measuring jar which acts a storage case, whisk, chopper

The above are the products that are similar to Utalent blender.

Other Blenders

Other immersion blenders:

  • Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick
  • Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender
  • KOIOS Ultra-Stick 800 Watt Max 12-Speed Powerful Immersion
  • KitchenAid KHB3581FP Pro Line Series


What is the stick blender?

They are also known as Immersion blenders, their built and structure is similar to that of a stick so it is known to stick blender. The handling, grinding can be done much easier with more access. Comparing to personal and full-size blenders they are small in size and can fit anywhere. Mostly suitable for a crowded kitchen since it is less space-consuming. The base of the blender consists of blade covered at the sides with stainless steel. Even stick blender has to speed modulation like in full-size blenders. But these immersion blenders are not suitable for traveling as they are corded and power depended for that only single-serve blenders are suitable as a travel companion. The only minor issue that prevails until this day is because they are corded, while handling or using the blender it might in the way, which is more annoying, could have been better if it is cordless. Some immersion blenders are cordless but they are pretty much expensive.

Difference between hand blender and immersion blender.

Hand blenders are used to mix and blend the ingredients, they are extremely versatile and but convenient. While immersion blender is a type of blender with blending and can act as a food processor.


If your requirement is to buy both blender and food processor and it should be less space-consuming then you could go for the Immersion blender. Selecting the right blender is most important whether your requirement is budget products, featured. You should evaluate whether the product is truly worth buying even when it meets your requirements.

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