PopBabies Personal Blender Review- Features (2022)

Why do we need to go for a PopBabies blender?

Thinking about buying a travel blender, then check out the Personal Blender from PopBabies that allows you to blend smoothies and protein mixes while you are on the move. It is very lightweight, and therefore you may take it along wherever you go. Since it comes packed with powerful lithium-ion batteries, you don’t need to search for an electrical source for charging but use your laptop instead.
The blender is indeed a boon for smoothie enthusiasts and comes at an affordable price when compared with other portable blenders on the market. The engine is quite useful and runs at 22000 rpm. It is one of the quickest and powerful travel blenders out there on the marketplace. The blender is so strong that you may readily combine frozen fruits, rice, veggies, and nuts. PopBabies Personal Blender review
In this PopBabies personal blender review, we’ll give you all the information about this blender including its unique features, strengths and weaknesses etc. Hope the information we list out will help in making an informed decision in buying the best portable blender.




Affordable Price

Let’s make a simple comparison between buying a personal blender and buying your favorite smoothie at a nearby store whenever you want. Let’s assume you have a smoothie every day and it costs around $5 a day. It costs 35$ per week and $140 a month. But a personal blender is just $36.95, and you can imagine the dollars you save every month when you have a personal blender. Compared to other blenders in the market, the Popbabies personal blender comes at a very affordable price. And even when you add the cost of fruits and vegetables, you still save a lot of money with the PopBabies personal blender.  You can receive your yummy homemade smoothies without breaking your pocket. So, it’s time to start a brand-new healthier routine and that too in your in own terms.

Portion controller

Has that occurred to you personally, you’re making a wholesome smoothie, you put in the ingredients add this, add more, adjust again? Adding the right amount of ingredients is always an issue whenever you make a dish. Of course, you cannot keep track all the amount needed for every kind of smoothie out there. But some of my friends are expert in that area as they can add ingredients to blend smoothies for a whole week. Well, if you are like me, not sure about the amount of ingredients, then we are on the same boat. But no worries anyway, as PopBabies personal blender comes with a portion control feature when it comes to making your favorite smoothie.

Easy to Use

Everyone considers themselves as a smart individual until they start dealing with a new appliance. Manufacturers are creating new gadgets and appliances to make our life easier, but do you agree not every gadget is easy to understand initially. But with PopBabies Personal blender, nothing is complicated. To make your favorite drink, just include the required ingredients, twist top and the bottom, switch it on and that’s it. It doesn’t get as simple as that. It even crushes, but remember it needs to be ice made from the ice tray provided with the blender.


The portable blender is not only used for making your favorite smoothies but can be used for making baby foods, salads, and canning soup etc. All you need to run your imaginations wild and come up with as many combinations you need. But if you are a couch potato, why not check out the thousands of recipes on YouTube and try one daily. The blender not only allows you to create your favorite recipes but also makes you healthy and fit.

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Sleek design

The design of the PopBabies Personal blender is quite compact. The blender comes in 5 different colors including White, Black, Grey, Corolina Blue and Princess Pink, etc. The sleek design enables the blender to easily fit in your backpack or into your cup holder in your car. Hence, you can carry wherever you go. It is one of the best portable blender for gym freaks as you can quickly blend your favorite smoothie just right out of the gym.

Easy to Clean

The PopBabies Personal blender consists of just 3 parts including the bottom, blender and the jar lid, making it incredibly easy to clean. You can also fill the blender with water and cleaning solution and run it for a few seconds to clean after making every smoothie. A wet cloth is all you need to clean the blender to sparkle on the outside surface. The lid can be cleaned even with a dishwasher as the manual reads it to be dishwasher safe. 

Quiet Blender

The PopBabies Personal blender is one of the quietest blenders on the market as of now. You won’t hear any kind of noise during the blending process. While other blenders announce to the entire neighborhood that you are making a smoothie. Nobody around will even know that you’re making yourself a nutritious smoothie,  It is also one of the primary reasons that the PopBabies Personal blender is one of the most popular blenders on the market.

Reasonable Price

​ Even though there are lots of blenders out there in the market that provides you similar features as the Hamilton Beach Personal creations silent blender, not everyone is priced like this one. This small blender is exclusively provided to you with an affordable price that you can relish your smoothies and protein drinks at a budget cost.


Not Ideal for Groups

If you’re interested in finding a blender to make smoothies and teas for a large group, then the Popbabies personal blender isn’t the best option. As the name suggests, it’s simply a personal blender. If you are looking for a blender that blends for 4-5 persons, then you need to look for a blender with a larger jar.

Press & Hold Button

One weakness with the Popbabies personal blender is that after you add the ingredients and power it on, it will create a smoothie in minutes. But the thing is that you need to hold the power button unless the blender completes its job.

Not ideal for blending hot liquids

The Popbabies is ideal for making all your favorite smoothies, except when it comes to blending hot liquids, soups and sauces.

Is the Blender right for you?

If you’re searching for the best portable personal blender for a reasonable price and has many extraordinary features, then look nowhere than the PopBabies portable blender. It comes with every feature that one expects from a portable blender. It’s quiet, compact and portable. In addition, it acts as a travel mug, so you can blend your favorite juice, remove the base and carry the traveling mug along with you.

But remember, this one is not for people traveling in a group and making smoothies for more than 1 or 2 persons. It comes with only a 14oz jar and make take several iterations to cater to a group.

Price: $$, Popular Brand, Top Reviewed Travel Blender



The PopBabies Personal Blender costs less than $40, which is a decent ask for a portable blender that comes with a powerful motor that runs at 2200 rpm. The blender consists of BPA-Free substances and is certified by the FDA, CE, and RoHS.

Final Verdict

Hop the above review about one of the best portable blenders in the market has provided you with enough information about the blender, its features, pros and cons. The PopBabies is truly a versatile blender that can be used to blend your coffee beans.

People determined to keep healthy and fit, need to get this portable blender asap. It mainly helps them to make their favorite smoothies on the move. It also saves you a lot of money from buying smoothies from juice centers.

Having a blender of your own allows you to try your own recipes along with trying out every other recipe out there on YouTube. If you have any questions or suggestion, please post in the comments section below.


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