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Ninja Professional Blender review

One of the best products in the blender, whether it is a stick blender, full-size blender or single-serve blender ninja brands play a top role in the manufacturing of blenders. The quality of the blenders built is of top-notch. It brings out the quality of a powerful full-size blender making it possible to blend any kind of hard ingredients. With this, you can blend your favorite smoothie within seconds and take out to start your morning.

Single-serve blender is more useful for the people whose lives are in a tight schedule they need something quick to make and take out for them to start the day. Some products offer a good package to take out sports bottle which makes the product a perfect travel companion. The single-serve blenders became similar to the full size, the capabilities of single-serve blender became the same as the capabilities of the full-size blender. Consider the quantity, motor power the single blender’s features heightened to that of full size. Unlike in stick blender, single-serve won’t have trouble in the heating of motor and can be used continuously longer than the stick blender. Though they look larger in size than stick blender they are compatible and less space-consuming and could fit in anywhere of your kitchen.

Why choose Ninja professional blender

It is a high-powered blender. This 900 watts Ninja professional blender is capable of blending any hard ingredients and is more like a food processor. A perfect combination of both blender and food processor and it is space-efficient. It has the ability to crush ice, fruits, vegetables. Usually, an only full-size blender is the most powerful blender but now single-serve blenders also are accompanied by the same features as the full-size blender but are less in cost than them. The Ninja Pro Extractor blades is a powerful sharp blade can grind/crush any hard ingredient. One of the best things is that it can blend even frozen foods. Perfect for making cold smoothies, purees, protein drink. Suitable for people in a tight schedule. The cost of this blender comes around $100 with extras and without extra, it comes around half the price $50, but the power wattage of the product does not vary. Ninja brand provides a wide range of selection collection for the blender based on power, extras.





900 watts High Powered.

The ninja pro extractor blades help in fine grinding of even frozen vegetables or fruits. Perfect blender for smooth blends and prevents chunk and wastage of the food contents. It offers two dark color skin and as the price increases, the blender becomes advanced with smart technology and touch control. Some of the single-serve blenders have speed control but it is a rare case.

Its quality built

The material is no other than plastic. Not a usually silver look. The higher price of the product is the only one made up of metal. Since the blades are of steel the rusting is not there. The standard structure looks with a large logo of ninja on its middle of the body.


Not much is given as extra. Only 1 or 2 jars with taking away personalized bottle modified jar are given making the blender perfect for people with a tight schedule and people who are considerate about their diet especially the one going to the gym and sportsperson. It comes with the silicon closed off lid preventing the contents from spillage. Serving capability of the jars is for single or 2 people not suitable for servings a whole family, might take 2 or more blending to get the job done. It also comes along with the recipe book which helps to make recipes according to the nature of the blend.


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A specialty of Ninja Professional Blender 900 Watts

Hard blending

Ninja Pro extractor blades are specially designed for hardcore blending whether it is veggies or fruits your smoothies are done within seconds. They are sharp enough to blend even the frozen ingredients like frozen fruits and vegetables even the ice cubes hence can make perfect cold beverages. Suitable for taking away protein drink for sports person, green smoothies, purees. The high-powered motor and the specially made extractor blades make sure the blending job is done perfectly. No chunks or any waste products are seemed to be left behind, perfect and smooth blending is done.

Storage space

It takes less space comparing to the full-size blenders. This model is specially built in such a way that it occupies less space, due to its lean structure, it can be easily placed anywhere in the kitchen. And the people who are having a crowded kitchen can easily manage space with this type of blender.


The maintenance is the very less but sometimes improper way of closing the lid while blending can lead to the spillage of the contents but thankfully a special feature is given that is that the blender top must be held on while blending or it won’t work. The razor blades are bit sharp so cleaning with the bare hands is cut your skin, try using a sponge for cleaning the blade part.


The pricing is a bit too high comparing to Nutri bullet, but the brand offers a powerful motor of nearly 1000 watts for making perfect blends and smoothies but considering the quantity, it doesn’t help much. The price of this blender lies around $50 to $100, which I think is a bit expensive. For quantitative servicing, they might have given different sized jar but the only single jar is given as an extra along with this product.

Minor fatality

There is no provision for adding ingredients on-the-go in the jar in the middle of the blending if needed. Because of this design, users have to stop blending, to refill or add ingredients by taking out the jar from the blender. This may lead to food spillage. As the price is high, the expectation of the quality is also high, but the mixing quality is not to the satisfactory level because of the blade model

Is it good for the price?

Well, the fact is debatable. As many good blenders are available from less than $30 but if someone is opting to go for a food processor equivalent blender regardless of the price factor, then they may go for this. It is suitable for working individuals, as it has jar cum cup for drinking the prepared juices, smoothies, etc immediately after blending, this saves time for many. The power of this blender is comparatively equivalent to the food processor as it can do the things which a food blender can do except for the fact that hard greenies are not properly ground so some green smoothies made out of thick greenies are tough. Mixing of thick consistent ingredients sometimes does not meet the expecting level of blending. Though features are impressive meeting the quality of the food processor, it cannot satisfy with quality like a food processor. Hence, if the need or the choice is towards easy of use, time-saving, blending multiple ingredients including ice, less noise level comparatively, then this would be the right choice.

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