Does Starbucks Have Smoothies?

Does Starbucks Offer Smoothies in Menu?

Does Starbucks have Smoothies? Well, Starbucks is a great place to hang out with friends and has refreshing beverages. It is also considered perfect for a meeting of business colleagues and clients while chatting over a cup of coffee of your choice.

does starbucks have smoothies

But who would have thought that Starbucks would be an ideal partner in your healthy diet plan? When you are away from home and seeking for a smoothie to nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds, then you can always try out the protein shakes and smoothies here.

Starbucks smoothies comes in three different flavors. Strawberry, Orange mango and chocolate or cacao. All smoothies at Starbucks have two scoops of protein powder and one whole banana. No artificial sweeteners are added whatsoever to these smoothies, hence may not ideally satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. But upon request, extra sweeteners are added to your smoothies.

Many often wonder whether the smoothies at Starbucks are healthy or not? A quick crosscheck over the calorie value and nutritional value of these drinks will give you more idea about it.

There is only one size in which you can get a Starbucks smoothie. That is the size, Grande. A single portion smoothie at Starbucks contains 270 calories and 21 grams protein, which is quite impressive of a commercial smoothie. Smoothies available at Dunkin Donuts and other fast food chains are loaded with sugar and contains artificial fruit concentrates unlike the smoothies at Starbucks. Here, the smoothies are made of real fruit in addition to juice extracts and contain more fiber, that is 6 grams per single serving.

Strawberry Red Detox Smoothie

Strawberry Red Detox Smoothie

The protein powder essentially contains whey and can be added to any beverage in the Starbucks menu. Considering the health benefits, you can opt for a healthier version of your latte by asking to add the protein powder.

While you sit back and search for smoothies near me, it is definite that smoothies at Starbucks will be shown as an option considering the number of outlets this coffee franchise has all over the world.

While other fast food smoothies are also among your viable options, a Starbucks smoothie is a healthier version of a store-bought smoothie.

These protein shakes or smoothies are delicious and nutritious. In fact, the only flavoring agent in these smoothies are majorly the real fruit purees themselves, unlike the artificial fruit flavor concentrates at other fast food smoothies.

Another coffee franchise that has introduced smoothies in their menu is Costa coffee. Their “Superday smoothie” line of healthy smoothies are the healthiest beverages to choose from the menu.

However, the nutritional value is lesser containing only 2 grams of protein 27 grams of sugar, in contrast to the low sugar high protein smoothies at Starbucks.

In fact, the protein shakes at Starbucks are the most popular among their menu, considering the present healthy eating trend among customers. They ideally are the kind of shakes that you would prefer to have as your morning smoothie.

Starbucks smoothies are also available with only plant-based ingredients and hence, cater to vegans as well. Dairy milk is replaced with Almond milk or coconut milk in the smoothies upon request.

Keto based drinks are also now made available at Starbucks. You can choose among a low carb high protein brew for a keto caffeinated smoothie.

McDonald’s fruit smoothies apparently taste almost kind of like a Starbucks smoothie. But the sugar content is way higher with a massive 56 grams in a single serving!.

They also contain juice extracts and tons of artificial flavorings. Smoothies at Starbucks have less sugar content, the Strawberry smoothie containing the highest.

Hence, it’s always a good choice to avoid the strawberry banana smoothie at Starbucks if you are concerned about your sugar intake.

Starbucks also has introduced super green smoothies with ingredients like kale and spinach and other juice extracts. However, these smoothies ideally will not be a healthy alternative to a homemade smoothie with natural ingredients.

With the plenty of options available today for store-bought smoothies, it is highly recommended to have a quick comparison of all brands you are interested in.

A good smoothie ideally should give you all nutritional benefits, keeping your calorie count in check and should inherently satisfy your taste buds too.

Smoothies at Starbucks may seem like the kind of right choice among the other fast food smoothies considering the benefits they claim to give.

However, it goes well without saying how much far better a home-made smoothie is than a store bought one.

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