Does Dunkin Donuts have smoothies?

Yes, they do have. Planning to stick to your health-conscious regime and yet get tempted by the delicacies at Dunkin Donuts is quite a nightmare. Such is the number of options of a lip-smacking variety of donuts and drinks you get here.

Smoothies may sound like the kind of healthiest options to pick from any fast food menu. Smoothies at Dunkin Donuts are no less different.

Does Dunkin Donuts have smoothies?

In fact, many people may even wonder as to whether Dunkin donuts actually have fruit smoothies?

Satisfying fruit smoothies with real fruit and low-fat yogurt is the healthiest drinks that you can choose from the menu today, claims the fast-food chain. The strawberry banana smoothie flavored smoothie featured at chosen outlets sounds like the freshest item on the Dunkin Donuts menu. However, you would be surprised to know that the sugar content in a small-sized drink is almost as same as that in a donut! So much about eating healthy.

The other fruit smoothies available on the menu may taste kind of like a real smoothie, but are they healthy?

The brand’s fruit smoothie line, “Coolatta” has frozen drinks with fruit flavors like strawberry, mango, and raspberry. But I suggest you have second thoughts about the nutritional value of these drinks. In fact, a small size fruit smoothie contains no less than 240 calories and a whopping 60 grams of sugar. Besides, the fruit concentrates used in these drinks are not as healthy as it tastes.

The Dunkin donuts menu also has other frozen smoothies in the coffee flavor as well. Considering the nutrition value and the calorie value, I would say that they are no less different. The calorie count in a small sized frozen coffee drink is an alarming 640!

Frozen chocolate drinks on the Dunkin Donuts menu is quite popular, though not a healthy choice as obvious.

It is also not strange that places like Tropical smoothie and Smoothie king pops up when you search for smoothies near me. These smoothies are again, tasty yet no so healthy. If you are searching for a place near me to have a healthy smoothie with the goodness of real fruits, then I suggest you skip these fast food chains and look for healthier alternatives.

The tropical smoothie chain’s mango smoothie typically contains 56 grams of sugar and is 370 calories. In fact, you will be surprised by the variety of options you can see on their menu which is often very misleading. The super green smoothie that is claimed to have kale and spinach is no less different from being a typical fast-food chain smoothie.

The smoothies at smoothie king are comparatively the better ones that you may find at a fast food chain. It has lesser in sugar and calories compared to the smoothies you can get at Dunkin donuts. At smoothie king, you can opt for a less sweet less fat smoothie depending on your diet goals.

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The provision to customize your smoothie makes the drinks at smoothie king an exception to other commercially made smoothies. A low-calorie smoothie makes all the difference if you are looking forward to having it with a meal and watching your weight at the same time.

Dunkin donut is basically a franchise of Donuts and was introduced to cater to the sweet tooth cravings of consumers. The healthy eating trend that followed through the years have paved way for them to introduce the line of smoothies. When customers seemed to be drifting away while checking for the healthy trend of smoothies, the donut franchise decided to make an addition to their menu. Nonetheless, these smoothies may prove to do more harm than good.

The ingredients in almost all commercial smoothies are in effect, artificial and does not contain real fruit. The adverse effects are health issues and weight gain. Nutritional benefits gained from these smoothies are very less.  They may seem convenient to have and great as a take to go snack. But mind you, the cons that come with regular consumption of these beverages are way dangerous than thought.

A homemade smoothie on the other hand may take a few minutes of your precious time and the effort taken is more. However, the nutritional and calorie value are well sought after. It is literally impossible to make an unhealthy smoothie, like the ones at Dunkin donuts, at home!

Throw in a few good ingredients and add just the right amount of sweetener to it, and come up with a perfect blend to help you in your healthy eating journey.

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