Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand blender Review (2022)

In this guide, we give a detailed Braun mq725 multiquick hand blender review andits features. There have been many hand blenders and there would be many flooding the market in the future. It is the ones which have stood the test of time and competition are the ones who would continue ruling the kitchen shelves. Among the few names that have, stands out one such manufacturer is Braun.

Braun has been manufacturing kitchen appliances for a long time. And there has been no change in the change in quality. It was one of the best and remains one to this day. Braun has its own cult following and they continue to grow by the day. The entire range of appliances that they manufacture is truly amazing.

Braun Multiquick Hand Blender Features and Design 

The Braun Multiquick MQ 725, is an iconic hand blender which is known for its performance as well as its ergonomic design. It is sleek and has been awarded the best-designed hand blender for the year 2016, by the German Design Council. It is a true testament of the robust engineering that each Braun product undergoes. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the magnificent world of the Braun mq725 Multiquick Hand Blender and see for ourselves what a marvel this kitchen appliance is.




The Design of Braun MultiQuick Hand Blender 

The Braun Multiquick is an artist’s creation. This hand blender is one of the most stylish of hand blenders in the market. It was also awarded as such in 2016 by the German Design Council. The MQ725 comes with a soft grip which allows the user to hold the blender with ease and use it for precise blending.

The Smart Speed

The smart Speed blending is all about intuitions. Gone are the days when a blender would have to be fought with. The MQ725 lets the user follow his or her own will. Whatever the outcome that he or she expects, based on that one simply needs to adjust the power. All this can be with a simple squeeze of a button.

The crazy thing about the motor

The motor is at the heart of every appliance and the MQ725 is not different. Its powerful 750 w motor is adept enough to overwhelm most odds. I say most odds because at the end of the day it is a hand blender and it does come with its own set of limitations. The motor ensures that the blender works efficiently over a long period in time and seldom shows peak performance issues. The house of Braun is known for its perfection and this hand blender is surely one of them.

Whisk, and how

The MQ725 can easily whisk, beat and stir eggs, cream and fluffy food products. And it can do so across the entire spectrum of speed.

Splash Control

Now the things with Hand Blenders is that because of the nature of their design and kind of work they do, some outward movement of material becomes inevitable. With the MQ725, such kitchen disasters have been made redundant. The Braun Multiquick comes with the proprietary Splash Control Technology which prevents any outward movement of ingredients. This will ensure that you and your kitchen are spotless.

The PowerBell

The PowerBell Technology, which again is a proprietary technology patented by Braun is a combination of the stainless steel blades and the bell-shaped blending shaft which gives fast and finer results.


The Soft Grip handle of the Braun Multiquick ensures that the user can maneuver the shaft through the ingredients no matter how hard the challenge is.

The Blade

The stainless steel is another star attraction of the Braun MQ725. They are ultra-hard and are angled in the opposite direction. This has been done to optimize blending results and also to prevent suction.

Attachments that matter

Braun has always had an eye for detail. It knew that the kitchen was a cauldron of activities and that its appliances needed to stand the test of time and also be flexible enough to be a part of most preparations, involving a blender. Hence, a blender package from Braun never disappoints.

The Braun MQ725 Multi Quick Blender comes with an assortment of attachments. The attachments contain a 20 oz beaker, a 350 ml chopper and a stainless steel whisk. With these attachments, the blender is able to be a part of most kitchen activities. It is also imperative to know that modern day blender is not limited to their primary task: blending. They cut, chop and whisk with equal ease. The Braun MQ725 does all these will ease and without breaking a sweat.

Braun MQ725 Multiquick Hand Blender-Video


A blender which is a firm favorite of the mass does come with a plethora of positives.

Dishwasher Friendly

Now, who would want to spend any extra time trying to clean up the appliance after their work is done? The Braun MultiQuick ensures that the main body, as well as the attachments, are not just easy to wash but dishwasher friendly too. The manufacturer understands the importance of time and how important it will be for the user. Hence, the blender and its attachments are designed in such a manner that it becomes a child’s play taking it on and off the ringer.


It has not been feted as work of art for nothing. The Braun MultiQuick is also a compact blender which does not take much space to be stored. It can be kept away in any corner, albeit carefully and you will still have enough space to store many other things.

The Stainless Steel blades

While much has been talked about the 750-watt motor, it is the stainless steel blade that steals the show most of the times. They are hard enough to pulverize most ingredients and are angled in such a manner that you get a perfect, each and every time. The other reason it is angled is that that helps the food to get sucked in and not splash outwards.

Smart Speeds

All you have to do is think and the blender will play along. This is an intuitive base speed control system and does not rely on pre-programming. Hence, once you have envisaged what the outcome can be, squeeze a button and the job is done.


The chunks you try to blend

Care should always be taken to pour ingredients in the blending jar. This is a hand blender and not a countertop and hence care should be taken to use it properly. While this is a limitation, it can also be viewed as a weakness

The shaft

The shaft is made of plastic. And does have the tendency to crack. And once the shaft cracks the motor stops forever.

Is it good for the price?

The usage of any appliance is based on its purpose. Before you go ahead and buy a blender you need to be certain what exactly you are looking for. Is it only for blending or is it for quite a few other activities that would also include blending?

The Braun Multi Quick is an all-rounder of sorts. It blends, chops, whisks, and cuts too. So, if you are looking for a blender that would not just run for you but also box, slam and climb the mountains, this is the one. And at that price point, it is a steal.

Price: $$, Popular Brand, Top Reviews



The Braun MQ725 Multiquick blender is priced at $$.$. However, there are other models which are higher priced because of the features they bring along.

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The power of imagination can only be gauged through the process of evolution. Braun has been around for many years and their products have always been a top draw. With the MQ725, they have taken the market for hand blenders, by storm. With a design to die for and specifications that are owners pride, this is indeed a great blender.

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