Blender Smeg Review- Features (2022)

Why do we need to go for a Smeg blender?

In this article, read our Blender Smeg Review along with its features. This blender is from Smeg manufacturer who is an Italian home appliance manufacturer. The product price is quite expensive. Suitable for preparing smoothies, soups. It has a pre-set program that includes ice crush, smoothie, and pulse. Ice crush, the name itself describes its function that it is for crushing ice cubes. Smoothie program is to produce creamy consistent ingredient. Pulse to maintain and increase the speed in just a click of the button. When we look into the built quality, the material of the jug is BPA free, the body of the blender is made of aluminum die-casted. To ensure the grip and stability of the body, provided the anti-slip feet and has a built-in cord wrap. The transparent jar lid is one unique feature as we can see the content/ingredient during the grinding process. Amazon provides free tech support.




Bottle-to-Go – A useful feature

Bottle to Go – the accessory is useful for working people where you can blend the ingredient and take the smoothie on the go carrying the bottle by just removing the blade and close it with provided cap and spout.  This is highly suitable for gym goers, joggers, carrying simply in a backpack or have a sip at work. Overall, healthy shake/smoothie in-hand wherever you go.

Blending Quality

The blending of the ingredients starts with the gradual speed and increases to the selected speed.

This ensures high performance and blending quality maintaining the desired consistency of the ingredients. In addition, 4-speed settings are provided which is adjustable to maintain and satisfy the need for desired consistency. The blades are removable and made of double stainless steel.

Product specification

Its dimension is 11.5 x 9.6 x 14 inches and weighs 10.4 pounds. The color of the body is pastel blue.

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Smeg Specialty

If you are ready to spend money in high quality, time-saving blenders then this might be the right product. As working professionals, who are under time constraint but concerned more about the healthy food intake, they can opt for this product especially for the accessory “Bottle-to-Go” provided by this manufacturer. Though the price is set in an expensive category, the features are highly appreciable and considerable.

The built quality and design, attract the interest of customers to purchase especially for its appearance. The manufacturer extends flexibility in color variants. One among and highly sold color variant is “Pastel blue”. Not just that, it serves as a home-maker friendly utility by providing highly controllable blender with removable parts that include the double stainless-steel blades which make washing easy and dishwasher friendly, hence no worries no pain. Are you a gym goer who is concerned about being fit? then this blender will serve your need by making smoothies instantly and taking it as the bottle just by removing the blade and using it just like a bottle, carrying in a backpack, feels easy right?

It does not occupy much space as it comes with a single jar and the blender. Also, it is well suitable for kitchen cabinets and as space-saving countertop blender. One concerning factor is that people who are ordering the product requesting for specific color on preference are not receiving the expected color. In fact, this may not be suitable for the budget buyers due to expensive price slot.

Overall, this blender is good for making smoothies, soups, juices, shakes. The attractive part here is the Bottle-to-Go accessory.


What is the other type of Smeg blenders and its differences?

Retro style Blender

Retro Style Blender is made of aluminum powder-coated die-cast body and has a backlit chrome knob. It is suitable for preparing shakes, smoothies, and soups. It has stainless steel dual blades. Provided transparent lid, measuring cup, safety overload protection to motor helping to sustain longer and to avoid any damage. It has a smooth and gradual start feature with built-in cord-wrap. In terms of the benefit in the blender body, it has anti-slip feet. It provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty with many color options.

Hand Blender | Immersion blender

A hand blender is used as an elegant kitchen utility/tool, easy to handle and quick in the process. It is can be easily controlled by hand, and portable. It is used for soup, milkshake, drinks. It has a speed control at the top of the blender which is very much approachable and easily handled by hand while blending the ingredients. It also does blend and chops of veggies, fruits

Jug Blender

Each blender has its own purpose based on its built, this blender is designed for blending liquids. It is useful for making soup, smoothies, and even dips as well.

Difference in all the variety of blender is that based on the built and features each blender serves its purpose, differing in feature, handling method, portability, efficiency, ability to blend, crush ice, and the ability to make different type of food items including that some may be suitable for making juice, some may not. Hence each blender varies by its feature, built-in functions, serve the purpose, and price. 

Price: $$$, Popular Brand, Top Reviews


Hence the customer should be careful while choosing or opting to go for any type of blender. They should remember their purpose/need for a blender, quantity expected for blending, price category as budget buyers focus on price and some may focus on features, accessories and some based on the ease of use. So, it is better to identify the purpose and then go for the purchase of the right product.

Recipes: Make apple juice with Smeg blender


  • Apples
  • Smeg blender

Process involved

Peel of the outer covering of apples and wash nicely. Cut into pieces and add them to the blender. Operate the blender, until the required consistency is obtained. Share it with your beloved ones.


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