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Single serve blender

Most of the blenders are used for large quantity purpose but it may not be suitable for everyone. Especially for individuals who go for work and gym. They probably don’t have sufficient time but have to maintain their life and health balance through nutrient-rich healthy drink. In case of normal blenders, the quantity of the juice or any drink would be higher as the normal blenders are mostly designed with jars for large quantity. To overcome the situation of avoiding healthy drinks due to time constraints and to avoid wastage, the better option is to go for a single-serve blender.

Single-serve blender is especially suitable and made to serve for individuals. They can have delicious food and juice on the go. 

Let us discuss some of the best single serve blenders

Top single-serve blenders Comparison 

S/NImageMotor powerPitcher MaterialCapacity WarrantyBuy Now
1.Homgeek Personal Mini Blender 300 WattPlasticNA1 Year Warranty Buy Now
2.Secura 300W Personal Blender300 WattPlastic 20 oz2 Year Warranty Buy Now
3.Magic Bullet Blender
200PlasticNANA Buy Now
4.GREENIES Personal Blender 250 WattTritan642 Year Warranty Buy Now
5. Smoothie Blender, Fochea
250 WattTritanNA30-Days Buy Now
6.TTLIFE Macaron-portable blender300 WattPlastic400 ml1 Year Warranty Buy Now
7.Doctor Hetzner 300-Watt Blender
300 WattPlastic 600 ml1 Year Warranty Buy Now
8.Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender 175 WattPlastic14 oz1 Year Warranty Buy Now
9. NutriBullet NBR-1201 600 WattPlasticNA1 Year Warranty Buy Now
10.Deik Personal Blender500 WattPlastic20 oz 2 Years Warranty Buy Now

Best Juicer For Best Single Serve Blender

  1. Homgeek Personal Mini Blender

This Serve Blender is with the Portable Juicer Cup. The built and the look is great with its silver body. The operation of a single touch is very much useful and the blending will be done in seconds with a single press. This blender product also comes along with a bottle of 600ml which is very light in weight and is found to be useful to carry our favorite drink after making it from blender, mostly preferred by people who are in a tight schedule, travelers. It is a miniaturized even-sized personal blender. This miniaturized version of the blender is equipped with a powerful motor with a motor power of 300w, and the rotation of the blades is of 21000 RPM. A suitable product for gym, school, and work. This blender is capable of making smoothies, milkshakes, cocktails. This powerful blender can even crush ice, frozen ingredients, and even nuts.


  • 1 Year Warranty  
  • 300 watt Motor Power
  • Material: Plastic

What we love

  • Easy operation
  • Convenient blende
  • Because of this size, it can fit anywhere and the space occupied in the kitchen will be very less, mainly for an overcrowded kitchen where the space management is necessary
  • A perfect travel companion for anywhere
  • This helps in keeping health in order of busy people’s life
  • The suction feet at the bottom given will prevent it from tipping off.
  • For a secure purpose, the feature shutoff helps in restricting the motor to operation when the jar is not properly/not placed.
  • Cheapest budget blender with more features
  • More for to the list they also offer the best free replacement if the blender gets damaged and refund policy is also there.

What we didn’t love

  • The blades aren’t suitable for making protein shakes​

  1. Secura 300W Personal Blender

Turn your life healthy with this Secura blender. This blender is suitable for blending fruits, vegetables, smoothies, and a frozen drink. 2 Bottle with sports like look is also included in this product, the travel bottle is straight taking away after blending the ingredients. The blades in the blender lessen the work of chopping the ingredients. The suction cup helps in keeping the blender securely on the counter preventing it from falling off. As mentioned above in the heading the motor power is 300 watts. The built and overall endurance is sturdy. The blender is not only quite powerful for its appearance


  • Material: Plastic
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 300 Watt Motor Power
  • Capacity: 20 oz

What we love

  • The design and built is so compact where it occupies minimum space
  • BPA free bottles ensure the safe use of it
  • The blades are powerful enough to crush ice and minimize the chore of cutting the vegetables
  • Perfect for making smoothies
  • The takeaway bottles help in time-saving where after blending, the bottle jar is converted into a drink bottle and can be carried anywhere.
  • The bottle jar looks sporty and trendy
  • Even suitable for making the best cocktail drinks like margarita

What we didn’t love

  • Continuous use of motor is not possible
  • Heating happens which will be an obstruction in the usage of a blender

  1. Magic Bullet Blender

(Amazon’s choice)

Magic Bullet is always compared to Nutribullet blender, by cost magic bullet seems to overtake the nutribullet but is it really worth it let’s see the features below.

The magic bullet chops, mixes, whips, grinds, and acts more like a food processor. The cups are of high-impact plastic. The blades here in this also reduces the work of chopping and makes fine smoothies. 250 watts motor power.  Moreover, the cost of it is very much less and it is a budget product. The best of this product is it. Perfect blender for making smoothies, sauces, dips, and omelets. Smooth and delicious dishes are made in seconds.


  • 300 Watt Power Motor
  • Material: Plastic

What we love

  • Cheap budget product
  • Acts like a food processor, capable of mixing, chopping, grinding and whipping
  • Only suitable for making smoothies
  • The size is much smaller compared to another personal blender

What we didn’t love

  • Not a very strong blender its endurance level is pretty much less
  • The motor can die right away if more ice cubes and hard ingredients are used
  • The blades seem to loosen with time and not very much sharp

  1. GREENIES Personal Blender

The blender surprisingly offers many more features at a reasonable cost. It is BPA free made up of Tristan making it more durable and safer to use. The product also comes along with a portable juicer cup. It is a powerful blender with the motor rotation of 20000 rpm and the blades are sharp enough to cut through anything. The design and the built looks unique and attractive not with the look of made-up plastic. The double layer of the cup helps in sharing, in this unique feature, the outer cup can be detached from the inner cup which can be used as a bottle making it perfect travel companion. The safety press switched is operated only when it is pressed continuously and stops instantly when we take our hands from it.


  • Motor Power: 250 Watt
  • Material: Tritan
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • 2 Year Warranty

What we love

  • It is made up of Tristen and is BPA free ensures the safe use of health-wise
  • The unique cup helps in taking away your favorite drink along with you
  • The maintenance is very less
  • A single touch will help you to clean the blender within seconds
  • The safety feature ensures that the operation of the blender only during the press and when it is released the operation stops automatically.
  • The 20000 rpm of the motor and the sharp blades makes the blender capable of blending any hard ingredients
  • Unique design and built.
  • Perfect for making smoothies, baby foods, shakes.

What we didn’t love

  • The safety provision for the operation can be a bit annoying sometimes, because due to the continuous pressing.

  1. Smoothie Blender, Fochea

The motor power of this motor is slightly powerful than other single-serve blenders we have seen till now. If you are ready to spend an additional few more dollars for a more powerful blender then this blender is a suitable option for you. The motor power is 500 watts capable of crushing ice cubes and frozen ingredients. The cleaning is done by unscrewing the blade. The spout on the lids is very much convenient and also the takeaway bottles help in carrying it anywhere. The operation is not of many buttons just the usual one-button control. For safety operation, the blender is operated only when the bottle/jar is correctly positioned. The Anti-slip design prevents the blender from tip-off. This package offers 1 powerful motor base, 1 interchangeable blade base, and a user manual.



  • Motor Power: 200 Watt
  • Capacity: NA
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Material: Tritan

What we love

  • A powerful motor capable of crushing/grinding frozen ingredients and ice cubes
  • The anti-slip feature makes sure the blender doesn’t tip-off
  • The safety feature in this makes sure the blender is operated only when the blender is correctly placed
  • The heating problem that prevails in most of the blender is nullified here, which also helps in prolonging the life span
  • The BPA free ensures the safe use of the blender
  • Within b any kind of ingredients are blended quickly
  • The lid seal seems to no problem as it fits properly ensuring no leakage
  • Powerful and effective motor
  • The container is very much durable
  • No chunks or uneven blending is done

What we didn’t love

  •  Slightly higher in price

  1. TTLIFE Macaron-portable blender

It’s a USB portable rechargeable blender, it is lithium batteries with 5200mah if you compare other portable blenders, this blender’s battery holds more power. It can blend fruits, vegetables, and seeds. If the blender is charged for one time, the user can be of 10 – 15 times. Say bye to the power cord because you can charge the blender even with a computer, laptop or even power bank.  This portable blender is of dual motor that has the maximum speed/rotation up to 16500rpm. The LED light indicator is present in it, which helps to know the current condition of the blender. While cleaning you can put the water in and clean the blender and the jar can be cleaned separately. Don’t worry about pouring the water, since the blender is waterproof. The device is more like multi-functional since it is capable of blending frozen ingredients, ice cubes, seed, and vegetables. The sound made is also not that much.


  • 300 Watt Motor Power
  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • 1 Year Warranty

What we love

  • Powerful of all portable blender whose lithium is of 5200mah which is higher compared to others
  • Price-wise it is good and reasonable.
  • The blender consists of 4 sharp blades of stainless steel
  • It is capable of blending even frozen ingredients and ice cubes
  • The sound produced by the blender is much quieter
  • Since the blender is charged by USB, it is possible to charge it up everywhere even with the help of a computer, power bank the blender is easily charged up
  • The LED light provided in this blender helps in indicating the condition of the blender
  • The blender starts with 2-3 continuous pressing of the power button
  • The auto cut off, helps in switching off the appliance when it is not in use. Usually, it cut off within 45 secs.
  • Since it’s waterproof design, there won’t be a problem with the motor or the blender while washing.
  • Perfect choice for the people who are in rush to office, travellers, and students.
  • The container is Tristen material with BPA free which ensures the safe use of customers.

What we didn’t love

  • No disadvantage for this blender, but if you consider quantity it would be pretty much disappointing for some users

  1. Doctor Hetzner 300-Watt Blender

These 300 watts powered blender has the maximum motor rotation of 23000rom and 27000rpm. The motor of this blender has higher endurance because of the copper. The blender has the capability to crush frozen fruits, vegetables and ice cubes. The blades are strong enough to crush frozen fruits, ice and hard vegetables like a carrot. Perfect for making smoothies, shakes, baby food. The nutrients from the ingredients are also extracted from its whole. More, in addition, this blender is provided with speed control, it up to a max of 2 speeds. The ON/OFF button acts as a safety measure making sure the blender is operated when it is needed, that is when the lid is properly placed. Like other brands and products, this product also comes with taking away bottle which helps while traveling or takes away to office to start afresh and healthy day. Since it is related to food products, the materials should be free of toxic. Instead of using rubber for the non-slip grip base silicon is used. It’s motor power is 300 watts. Best product at its cost.


  • 300 watt motor Power
  • Capacity: 600 ml
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1 Year Warranty

What we love

  • The container locking mechanism prevents leakage from the jar.
  • Budget blender
  • The design and the overall look are slim and sleek with the perfect finish
  • Powerful blender capable of crushing ice, frozen ingredients, hard vegetables like carrots
  • Some blender has the ability to crush hard item but they fail in producing perfect protein shakes well this blender seems to excel in both
  • Nutrition extraction is also done
  • Speed control options available
  • Trendy sport personalized look of taking away the bottle
  • BPA free
  • The silicon that is provided at the base helping in preventing the slipping

What we didn’t love

  • Heating is a problem here

  1. Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

This product is from the manufacturer Hamilton Beach known for its brand at an international level. This blender is suitable for making shakes, baby formula, marinades, salad, smoothies and more. It includes a 14 oz travel cup where you make and take the drink with the jar provided a travel lid, so it serves as a jar as well as a cup. Good for everyone, though! There is a clear marking of lock and unlock symbol with the measurement that gives a visual idea on quantity prepared or present in the jar. Though the built seems not to be powerful, it is not right. This has a steel blade with the power to crush the ice. The best feature in addition to others is the single touch ON / Pulse. This easies the process and saves time! It is BPA free, dishwasher friendly also saves space. The motor is 175-watt. The dimension of the product is 5.2 * 4.2 * 11.9.

Other color options

White, red, blue, raspberry, black.


  • 175 Watt Motor
  • Capacity: 14 oz
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1 Year Warranty

What we love

  • Affordable price
  • Powerful motor with a potential of crushing ice
  • Single touch for blending
  • BPA free
  • Can carry the jar after blending serves the purpose as travel cup closing it with travel lid provided
  • It is long-lasting

What we didn’t love

  • The motor may get burned if handled without care
  • The motor is not too strong
  • Not suitable for hot liquids

  1. NutriBullet NBR-1201

Ninja is one of the best and popular blenders. If we compare other products this product’s cost seems to be much higher, but is it really worth to give double the amount of price in this? It has the ability to easily crush fruits, vegetables. The motor power is 600 watts. The blades are sharp and the motor is powerful.

Even the quality and endurance is also one of the factors that should be considered. Very less noise production is done in this.


  • 600 Watt Motor
  • Material: Plastic
  • 1 Year Warranty

What we love

  • Less noise production
  • High powered motor
  • Makes perfect smoothies, purees and cold desserts
  • Cleaning is done better just a single wash with water with the help of rotating blades the wash is done.
  • It can blend frozen ingredients, hard vegetables, and fruits
  • Comparing to another blender this is the powerful blender of them all
  • No chunks are produced

What we didn’t love

  • The container/jars are very fragile may break if pressed tighter
  • Leakage is there

  1. Deik Personal Blender

Sleeker of the design. Likewise, this is also a one-touch operation and no other buttons are functions are available. The high-powered motor of 500 watts. The personalized bottle for taking away is also given along with this.  A small container for grinding/crushing coffee beans, sesame seeds, and other small ingredients, the small container is used. The higher torque in the base helps in crushing harder ingredients. The ingredients that can be crushed are ice, frozen ingredients, fruits, coffee beans, and vegetables. The resultant texture is smooth without any chunks.


  • 500 Watt Motor
  •  Capacity: 20 oz
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Material: Plastic

What we love

  • High powered blender
  • No chunks are left behind
  • Travel cup made up of Tristan material
  • The safety lock helps in ensuring that the blender is operated when the lid is correctly placed.
  • A small bottle/jar is given just for grinding flax seeds, almonds, eggshells.
  • The blender jar is secured tightly and locked over the blender
  • Cleaning is quick and easy

What we didn’t love

  • Blended the frozen fruits is a bit difficult

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Single server Blenders

Doctor Hetzner 300-Watt Blender, TTLIFE Macaron-portable blender.

  • Fill the container
  • Choose coffee taste you prefer
  • Then k-cup can be inserted to the machine
  • At the bottom center of the machine, place your coffee mug
  • You can choose your preferred cup

Add your favorite sweet fruits like banana, pineapple and then add yogurt and milk into a blender then blend it.

Hamilton blender, Homgeek blender, Deik blender are some of the best personal blender.

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