Top 10 Best Battery Operated Blenders | Reviews (2022)

No one can deny the fact that the blender is one of the most used utilities in the kitchen. People have become more health conscious and hence owning a blender has become more important than ten years ago. Not only blenders can prepare your smoothies and protein drinks in just a couple of minutes, but they are also used to make various kind of foods and beverages including margarita, sauces, soups, baby foods, fresh juice, etc.

 The main reason blenders have become a common household name is because it is extremely easy to operate as all you need to do plug into the power source, add the ingredients and hit the power button to start blending. But there may be situations where you won’t have a power source like when you go out for camping or a picnic and still want to blend your smoothies or make a baby puree. Yes, you can with the help of battery operated hand blender. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 battery operated blenders along with a buying guide on battery operated blenders.

What to Look for When Buying a Battery Powered Blender


When it comes to battery operated blenders, there are two types of blenders available in the market, one is the immersion blender and the other stand blender. If you are looking for quick handheld blending, then you can go for immersion blenders. They are ideal for small amounts of blending, but if you are looking to blend large amounts, then you need to go for the stand blenders or countertop blenders.


Next thing you need to consider is the size of the blender. If you are a gym rat or a person always on the move, then you need to look for a blender that is compact, lightweight and fits in your backpack. If you are looking for a blender only for you then better go for blenders that come with 12-14 oz cups, but if you are looking for a blender to serve for around 4 persons, then look for blender cups that comes at a size of 48 ounces.

Battery Life

One of the major disadvantages of rechargeable blenders is that the battery doesn’t last for a long time. The average battery life of cordless blenders battery operated is 20 minutes.


Another area that electrical blenders are way ahead of the cordless blender is the power generated because the latter is less powerful. But for a battery powered blender, 12 volts of power is more than enough to blend your favorite smoothies and drinks.

Best battery operated Blenders Comparison

S/NImageMotor powerPitcher MaterialCapacity WarrantyBuy Now
1.Cordless Margaritaville Blender
18 VoltsPlastic801 year warranty Buy Now
2.Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-3008 VoltsStainless Steel323 year limited warranty Buy Now
3.Promixx 2.0 Rechargeable Portable Vortex MixerNAStainless Steel Trim201 year warranty Buy Now
4.Latow Portable Personal Blender and Juicer

175 WattsPlastic AS122 years warranty Buy Now
5.Ordergo Portable Blender7.4 VoltsStainless Steel14.32 year warranty Buy Now
6.Beckool Portable Juicer Blender3.7 Volts Food grade PP+Stainless steel22.91 year warranty Buy Now
7.TTLIFE Personal Blender Portable Blender

NA ABS Resin301 year warranty Buy Now
8.OBERLY Smoothie Juicer Cup
175 WattsFood grade enhanced ABS, FDA, BPA free, CE, RoHs, 304 Stainless Blade171 Year Buy Now
9.PopBabies Portable Blender175Stainless Steel141 year warranty Buy Now
10.TOPQSC portable travel blender175Tritan13 1 year warranty Buy Now

  1. Cordless Margaritaville Blender

  • Material: Plastic
  • Cpacity: 80oz
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • offers cordless operation
  • Pre-programmed settings 
  • 18-volt Ni-Cd battery pack
  • This makes to blends up to 80 drinks on one time charge


What We Love

  • Powerful motor
  • 3 pre-programmed drink setting
  • Blends 80 drinks in a single charge
  • Long lasting battery
  • Rechargeable 18-v battery
  • Instruction manual included

What We Didn’t Love

  • Batteries are slightly expensive
  • 2 batteries needed to make one drink

  1. Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-300

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 32oz
  • Warranty: 3 years Limited Warranty
  • Cordless, rechargeable blender
  • 7.4 Amp lithium ion battery
  • It has quick charge feature


The Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-300 is one of the expensive blenders in our list but it is worth every penny when you take a look at the features provided. It comes equipped a 32oz measuring beaker, chopper bowl, electric powered knife along with a whisk.

The stick blender is powered using a 7.4-amp lithium ion battery along with a 5-speed 700-watt powerful motor. With a full charge, the blender lasts for up to a maximum of 20 minutes and there is also a charge level indicator that automatically glows when the battery is low. The charging of the battery also doesn’t take too long when compared with other blenders in the market.

The CSB-300 is an extremely versatile blender and comes with other attachments that allow accomplishing various jobs including blending, whisking, chopping, whipping and grinding. One of the highlights of the blender is its electric-knife attachment as it enables you to slice anything in just minutes including roast beef, ham, pork butt and bread.

Next attachment that proves to be really useful is the whisk that allows you to easily create sauces, dips, whipped cream, soups, gravies etc. All you need to do is attach the whisk, add the ingredients and create delicious drinks in minutes.

What We Love

  • Versatile USB blender
  • 32oz measuring beaker included
  • Powerful 700-watt motor
  • Lasts up to 20 minutes with a full charge
  • 3-year warranty

What We Didn’t Love

  • Expensive
  • Bit heavy
  • No charging base included​         

  1. Promixx 2.0 Rechargeable Portable Vortex Mixer

  • Material: Stainless Steel Trim
  • Capacity: 20oz
  • 100% BPA and DEHP-free
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (High Torque)
  • High-Efficiency Blender
  • Warranty: 1 year


The Promixx 2.0 rechargeable portable vortex mixer is another popular battery-operated blender in the market. One of the major highlights of the Promixx 2.0 is its unique design looks much like the cups provided in single serve blenders. The Promixx 2.0 is available in various colors including white, black silver and pink. Compared to other battery powered blenders in the market, the Promixx 2.0 produces less noise or you can even say it is awfully silent. The container comes with a transparent design that allows you to easily see the ingredients being mixed and blended inside the blender. Even though it looks more of a travel mug, it just does a great job in blending all your favorite smoothies and drinks.

People looking to make the perfect protein shake can go for the Promixx 2.0 because as the name suggests, this blender helps you make the best protein shakes in just minutes. If you are a gym rat, then you will find this blender very handy as you can take it wherever you go. And being a battery powered blender, you can blend your favorite veggie and fruit smoothies whenever you want. Not only protein shakes, the blender can also be used to blend various delicacies including lemonade, tea, coffee, soups, gravies, sauces, ice cream etc.

What We Love

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Unique design
  • 100% leakproof design
  • Solid construction

What We Didn’t Love

  • The lid comes off easily
  • Measurement marking not clear

  1. Latow Portable Personal Blender and Juicer

  • Motor power:175 Watts 
  • Pitcher material: BPA free
  • Sleek Design: Modern, streamlined
  • Blender: UL Certified
  • Capacity :12oz
  • Easy to use: Hands Free
  • Warranty: 2 Years


Next in our list of the top 10 battery operated blenders is the Latow Portable Personal blender that is ideal for anyone who would like to carry their blender along with them to their work, gym, weekend trips or anywhere they want. The blender comes with a compact and lightweight design that it easily fits into your backpack. It just weighs less than 2 pounds and doesn’t occupy much space in your kitchen too.

The blender is also certified by the FDA and certainly fulfills all your expectations about everything you would look forward in a blender. It is a versatile product as you can use it both as a blender as well as a juicer.Read our guide on commercial juicer machine.  So you are working in your office and feels a bit tired, just add some ingredients and blend your favorite juice and get that freshness back into your work instantly. Not only juices, but the blender can also be used to blend all your favorite smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, protein shakes, cold coffee, gravies, sauces, soups, dips, etc. The blender is equipped with powerful blades that you can easily crush ice and frozen fruits too. The powerful 175-watt motor with a maximum speed of 20000 RPM delivers enough power that it takes less than 20 seconds to prepare your favorite drink.

What We Love

  • Eco-friendly design
  • BPA Free
  • Versatile blender
  • Dishwasher safe cup
  • Powerful motor

What We Didn’t Love

  • Takes time to charge
  • Not ideal for making large drinks
  • Only manual settings available

  1. Ordergo Portable Blender

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Liquid capacity: 420ml
  • Weight: 1.85lb
  • Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
  • Battery Capacity: 2x2000mAh, 7.4V
  • Blending Seessions: Upto 20 times


The Ordergo battery operated blender is much like the LATOW blender as both are made using BPA Free food-grade materials and there is also a silicone seal on top of the blender cup to prevent any kind of leakage. But the power function in Ordergo is provided on the front side, whereas in LATOW it is provided on the bottom. And the Ordergo blender comes equipped with 2 lids. And if you are making a protein shake, the strainer features prove to be very helpful as you can easily strain off any unwanted items after blending. The blender also comes with a lot of safety features as when you remove the lid, the operation comes to an automatic halt.

Backed by a 2180-watt powerful motor with a maximum speed of 16000 RPM and with the help of 6-solid steel blades, the blender can easily chop or slice any kind of food items in seconds. Charging the blender is quite easy as all you need to do is plug the USB cable into the port provided at the bottom. For a complete charge, it takes roughly about 2.5 hours and there is also a charge indicator that shows you when the blender is charging.

What We Love

  • 6 powerful steel blades
  • Can blend up to 20 times with a full charge
  • Comes included with a strainer
  • BPA Free
  • 2-year warranty

What We Didn’t Love

  • Pretty hard to clean
  • Bit heavy
  • Blender cup is small in size

  1. Beckool Portable Juicer Blender

  • Material:Food Grade PP+ Stainless steel
  • Capacity: 420-530ml
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Charging mode: Mobile charger
  • Blending Sessions: 20 Times
  • Battery Capacity: 4800mAh, 3.7V


Next in our list is the  Beckool mini portable blender that allows you blend your favorite your veggie and fruit smoothies in minutes. It can also be used to crush ice cubes as well as frozen fruits as well. But makes sure you don’t include large cubes of ice. It allows blending hot food, but care should be taken that it is not above 80°C. For better blending, gently shake the blender. The 14oz juicer cup comes can easily serve one person.

The portable travel blender comes with a powerful 4000mAH battery that can give you 20 blends with a full charge. You can also easily recharge the portable blender through USB from your car, laptop etc. Another highlight of the blender is it shuts down automatically when it completes the blending process and hence saving a lot of battery life. Overall, the Beckool is an ideal travel blender that gives you everything you will be looking for in a travel blender.

What We Love

  • Environment friendly construction
  • Extra layer of protection
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powerful 4000mAH battery

What We Didn’t Love

  • Not ideal in chopping & blending solid food
  • Charge doesn’t last long

  1. TTLIFE Personal Blender Portable Blender

  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Power:  USB 5V
  • Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh
  • Material: AS resin(without BPA)
  • Blade Material: 304 stainless steel 4-leaf cutter head


The TTLIFE personal blender is another best battery powered blender available in the market. Built using top-quality food grade BPA free and ABD materials, these blenders are safe to blend baby food too. The travel blender comes equipped with a stainless-steel blade that helps in blending any kind of food including fruit and veggie smoothies, gravies, soups, cold coffee, sauces, dips, ice cream, frozen fruits, etc. The blender is quite easy to clean as you can easily disassemble the parts. Equipped with a 3-direction blending feature, it can also be used to blend vegetables.

The TTLIFE portable blender is one of the best portable travel blenders that you don’t need any power source and an ideal companion for people on the move all the time. The portable battery-operated blender is specially designed after getting feedback and suggestions from travelers and smoothie lovers and travelers. It is a single piece blender and doesn’t have any detachable parts and no accessories included too.

What We Love

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Create your smoothie in less than 20 seconds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • BPA free
  • Single-piece blender
  • FDA certified

What We Didn’t Love

  • Charging takes longer

  1. OBERLY Smoothie Juicer Cup

  • Max. Power: 175 Watt
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Power: USB 5V
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Capacity: 17oz
  • Material: AS(BPA free)


Next on our list of the top 10 battery operated blender is the OBERLY Smoothie juicer cup which may look smaller on the outer, but it is mighty powerful and very simple and easy to use. With a full charge, you can easily blend 10-12 cups and it takes less than 90 seconds to create your favorite smoothie drink.

The blender also comes with a lot of built-in safety features which an overheating preventing technology that won’t allow the blender to get overheated. And if the lid is removed while in operation, then the blender will automatically shut down and even if the parts are not assembled properly the blender will not start.

What We Love

  • Powerful blender
  • Highly durable
  • Multifunctional and portable
  • Safe to use

What We Didn’t Love

  • Expensive
  • No detachable blades
  • A bit hard to clean

  1. PopBabies Portable Blender

  • Max. Power: 175 Watts
  • Capacity: 14oz
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
  • Power: USB 5V
  • Bateery Volume: 4000 mAh
  • Motor: DC 7.4V, 22000 rpm


When you ever think of a battery operated portable travel blender, you cannot leave out the PopBabies travel blender. Blend smoothies, sauces, juice, ice cream, soups, gravies and protein shake instantly. It comes with a compact and lightweight design that makes it ideal to take it along with you wherever you go. Powered by lithium ion batteries, the blender can quickly charged just through your car USB or laptop USB power. The powerful motor generates a maximum of 22000 rpm and is considered to be the fastest battery powered blenders in the market.  The blender is powerful enough to blend even frozen fruits, ice, nuts and veggies. The blender is made using BPA-Free materials and is approved by FDA, CE and RoHS.

What We Love

  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Versatile blender
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Made using BPA free plastic

What We Didn’t Love

  • Not microwave safe
  • Not ideal for blending hot foods

  1. TOPQSC portable travel blender

  • Motor Power: 175 Watt
  • Material: BPA free
  • Capacity: 13oz
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • 2×2000 mAh lithium ion batteries


Last but not the least, TOPQSC portable travel blenders is a multifunctional blender that can be used both as a blender as well as a juicer. Blend all kinds of our favorite food items including smoothies, fruit juices, veggie drinks, soups, sauces, dips, baby puree, protein shakes etc. It can also be used in the cold season too as you can even blend hot drinks as well.

Equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries, you can blend all your favorite drinks no matter wherever you are. Another highlight is the blender turns off automatically, once the blending process is completed.

What We Love

  • Lightweight design
  • BPA Free
  • FDA approved
  • 404 stainless steel Blades
  • Max speed of 20000 rpm

What We Didn’t Love

  • Not dishwasher safe

Tips for buying the best blender for the money

  • Based on quantity: For a serving of larger people, we can’t use a stick or personal blender. For some of the personal blender, the product provides required sized jars for the required quantitative servings. The blender even comes up with the hybrid combination of full size and personal blender.


  • Budget based: If your requirement is only of making smoothies and drinks then the best immersion product would suffice, as they do a good job in blending. You can get the best blender around $10 to 20$ easily whether it is immersion or personal both are available around this price.


  • Based on features: Professional blenders are full-size blenders offer a variety of features that vary with the product of product some have automatic smart technology and some are manual. The speed control option is only available in full size, more like it is a complete package for a professional blender.

FAQ On Battery Powered Blenders

Which is the best battery powered juicer?

The Margaritaville battery operated blender is one of the best battery powered juicer in the market as it comes with a powerful motor and has around 80 built-in pre-programmed blend settings.

Which is the best battery powered mixer?

The Beckool portable travel blender is one of the best battery powered mixer in the market that comes with a powerful 400-watt motor to crush both ice and frozen fruits in no time.

Which is the best wireless blender in the list above?

The Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-300 is unarguably the best wireless blender in the list provided above as gives you everything you will look for in a blender and comes with a lot of attachments.

Which one will be best for traveling and camping?

The Latow Portable Personal blender is one of the best battery operated blender that is ideal for people who are traveling and camping as these blenders are compact, lightweight and easily fits in your backpack.

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