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Vitamix 750 – The Professional Series Review

The latest offering from Vitamix is perhaps the priciest of the lot, and which manages to do most of the tasks thrown at it with extreme aplomb. Thanks to the five preset settings, the machine is capable of making hot soups, smoothies, and several other preparations with just a touch of the button.

About the Product

When compared to most of the company’s older models, there is one more notable difference. The blending jar is much shorter and wider. While it’s still capable of housing ingredients weighing 64 ounces, similar to the taller jars, its design is quite unique that makes it easy to fit the jar under most kitchen cabinets. This means it would be much easier to store this machine. The wider landscape of the jar also spills out the fact that the motor is slightly more powerful than the taller jar machines: 2.2 horsepower to be precise when compared to traditional blenders that come with 2 horsepower.

The presets are inclusive of frozen dessert, smoothie, puree and soup, and also a rinse setting. With these settings in place, the machine is able to adjust its speeds, running for a certain time period to ensure optimal results. The user can also use the dial to control speed levels manually, with a speed level range of 1-10. There is a pulse and an on-off switch, too.

Put to the Test

When used manually, there is not too much of difference between the 750 and several other standard products. However, it’s the preset programs that really makes the blender stand out. The rinse cycle is a good feature, too. When done using the machine, the blender must be filled with a few dish detergent drops and some warm water. The cycle should run for close to 30 seconds, effectively cleaning the blender’s interiors. If necessary, the blender can be rinsed afterwards with some clean water.

Ideal Users

If one is looking for a reliable kitchen blender, the Vitamix 750 would just be the right fit. The range of features on offer provides the much needed peace of mind and convenience.

Though the product is at the higher end of the spectrum and is quite pricey in the eyes of the regular buyer, the number of options that it comes along with does justify the hefty price tag.

The cost of the machine is not just reminiscent of the sophisticated features, but it also speaks volumes about the durability and the high-quality materials that have been brought together to churn out the product. And, the 7-year warranty feature of the machine obviously indicates the consistent performance that the user can expect out of the product.


While the choice to buy a blender ultimately rests with the consumer, Vitamix 750’s supremacy can certainly not be discounted. The features, efficiency, and the reliability factor of the machine would make it very difficult to surpass the 750 or offer a much better value offering. The device is not just technologically advanced, but it is also quite efficient to last the distance.

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