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Vitamix 5200 – An Honest Insight

The Vitamix brand has become the darling of infomercials, and there is certainly a reason behind it. It’s no basic blender that any average Joe can get a hang of right from the beginning. One would have to diligently go through some demonstration or instructional videos to understand how this appliance basically functions.

The Features

An on-off switch, a speed-regulating toggle, and a dial for controlling variable speed are part of the device’s control mechanism. The speed dial is meant for starting hot or thick blends, to grind meat or chop foods, and helps control the overall blending process.

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200

The basic package comes along with a DVD that presents a crash course on device usage, a recipe binder with whole foods recipes selection, owner manual, and a tamper for pushing frozen or thick ingredients even when the machine is on. The generously sized co-polyester blending jar (64 ounces) is equipped with a redesigned lid and a twist-out plug doubling as a measurement cup. As far as the color options go, Vitamix 5200 is available in white, black, and red.

Construction and Design

The standard machine has an enormous two-horsepower motor with a thermal protection system and a cooling fan that would shut down the motor when things get a bit too hot. The co-polyester build of the jar is a plastic that’s been engineered for both ruggedness and clarity. Besides the accessory blade to grind grain, the standard set comes with stainless steel blades designed for handling smoothies and pureeing soups. A special Vitamix wrench would be needed if one foresees blade-switching. The vents in the lid minimize the risks of hot soup explosion at the top if the jar is over-filled or if the machine is switched on top gear straightaway.


The powerful motor is perhaps the biggest asset of this machine; it can grind and process food smoothly and quickly. The variable speed option helps with adjusting the power – it’s extremely useful when one is just about to blend a mixture or when working around with thick mixtures. And, quite similar to what’s shown in the commercials, if the mixture is processed at high speeds for a longer time period, it does cook.

The size of the jar is quite generous when compared to similar offerings in the market, making it easy for processing large mixture quantities, like soup, with no need for working in batches. The blender base has the blades attached, so that no pieces are available to take apart. The cleaning process, in fact, is quite easy. The blender should be filled with soapy water and given a brief run before the rinsing takes place.


Air bubbles develop when processing thick mixtures, and knowing how to play with the included tamper would need some experience. Even the pumpkin soup, one of the firm’s own recipes, was impossible to process without the tamper. The height of the machine is another problem, which could be an issue for people with smaller kitchens.


Though with a few minor flaws, this product is certainly worth a try. In fact, several past users have been extremely satisfied with the machine and are willing to vouch for the device’s effectiveness.

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