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Testing the Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

When the question of juicing boils over, most people believe they have only two tangible options at their disposal: a) manual juicer, and b) full-on fruit juice bar machine. Though both the machines are fairly effective at carrying out their basic tasks, there are rather some unpleasant impediments to carry along as well. This is especially true in the case of manual juicers, wherein the person ends up with more cramps in the hand than a 10-year old kid trying to put up his first wired broadband connection. While quite a few people are not complaining and are willing to live their lives the hard way, there are several people who are looking for an easy way out. This is where the Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer comes into the frame.

This Cuisinart juicer breed is electric, but it is certainly not overkill. The equipment comes with a citrus reamer featured at the top of the machine. When a grapefruit or an orange is pressed down on the thing, a motor gets activated and which spins and quickly juices the citrus, spitting out the waste through a tiny spout located at the bottom of the equipment. Twisting the reamer would click open the slits, or could be closed or half-open based on whether one enjoys the juice chewy or clear.


When put to real usage, the juicer is capable of performing its fundamental tasks quite well. It does not matter whether it’s an orange, a grapefruit, limes and lemons; the machine manages to throw most of its competitors out of the park when it comes to efficiency. When pressing the halves down into the reamer with the plastic cap that’s included with the box, the motor makes its presence felt and easily digs through the flesh of the fruit. A fresh juice stream is then shot from the spout and into the glass. There are zero buttons with this machine – simply plugging the machine in and pressing the fruit down is all the manual work that’s needed. For orange juice lovers, it would take at least three oranges for completely filling up a glass. However, the time taken to juice down the pulp is a quarter of the total time usually needed for manual juicing. The adjustable reamer comes out as an interesting addition, as the vents are capable of providing the correct pulp amount when clicked into the right positions.


For an equipment that has dedicated its resources to a single task, the citrus juicer’s stature and room presence is certainly quite muscular and overwhelming. And, the motor is a bit on the louder side, as well. It grunts and groans as if it’s doing more than just spinning the reamer. The reamer could have also been a bit larger, as it could be quite a stretch for larger fruits. The opening and the closing mechanism of the vents can be a bit smoother, too.

Final Call

The citrus juicing appliance from Cuisinart can be considered the weatherman of all kitchen equipment. It basically is not as versatile as one would have liked it to be, which really makes one wonder about the utility aspect of the machine. One cannot be certain whether this device warrants permanent space in the cabinet, given its rather limited capabilities and the sporadic usage pattern. However, if one’s out in the market looking for a straightforward and effective citrus juicing machine, this certainly tops the chart.