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Know More about the Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer

As far as brand image is concerned, the “Magic Bullet” phrase symbolizes one of the most revolutionary brands that specialize in blenders. And, the Magic Bullet Deluxe 25 pc Set Blender Mixer not just lives up to the name, but also manages to stand out from the normal blenders. The unique selling point of the device is its claim to help its users carry a balanced and healthy diet while on the go – the multiple accessories totaling to 25 pieces helping to achieve the goal. This blender mixer pack is a wonderful tool for people, who are constantly on the move and spend most of the time outside the confines of their home. People who do not have time to prepare their smoothies and juices would find immense utilitarian value in this tool.

As with any scrutiny of a product or service, let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of this product, and then arrive on the final say!


To begin with, this mixer blender is inexpensive. It is certainly cheaper than most blenders out there on the market, and it should typically not cost more than a hundred dollars. It is a kind of appliance that is usually promoted and marketed through teleshopping mediums. The lack of large-scale traditional TV advertisements while manages to not bother the average consumer, the unique set of offerings and features certainly helps the product gain some traction within its target market.

The stainless steel case aided with a couple of steel blades and high-torque base power functions as the heart of the machine. There are interchangeable cups with the set: a tall cup, three small pitchers, and two short cups. Some of the other accessories included are two shaker tops, a couple of resealable lids, three party mugs, five colored lip rings and two additional lids.

This appliance replaces normal juicers, blenders, and cereal or coffee grinders. It is both delicate and powerful enough to grind through even the hardest of beans, juice very large vegetables, or squeeze down the softer fruits. The machine can be used for making slushies, smoothies, juices, dips, and sauces. It can also mince garlic, chop onions, grate cheese; or make chicken salads, soups, or protein shakes. Mixing ingredients for an omelet, a soup, etc. is also possible if one goes by the manufacturer advertisement. In addition, the cups are safe to be used with a microwave or a fridge, and the accessories are also dishwasher-safe.


When compared to most other blenders, this machine has a shorter lifespan. In fact, many buyers have claimed the machine dying down on them within a year of regular usage. However, quite surprisingly, most users do not have any qualms about buying the juicer/blender more than once, thanks to the cheap price and the value on offer. Other concerns pertain to the machine’s inability to blend frozen fruit and ice. But, smaller cubes tend to do just fine. The fact that the blender is multi-faceted and has a lot of tricks under its belt, it becomes rather essential to go through the product manual. Otherwise, making perfect sense of the product would be difficult.


While the machine has its flaws, the cheaper price tag does help with the consumer-following and value of the product. As a result, not a lot of people are crying foul.

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